Imagine Conference & Events

In early 2019, I took on the volunteer role as marketing manager for the Imagine Conference and Imagine Events. This role includes managing the Facebook page and Instagram, website, blog, and outreach to local organizations and individuals to provide content and engagement. I will also be responsible for advertising the various Imagine events that will take place throughout the year and for sending out updates and info about the 2020 conference.

Imagine Facebook
Imagine Instagram
Imagine website

Pittsburgh Financial Empowerment Center

I was commissioned to redesign the information flier for Pittsburgh’s new Financial Empowerment Center, a Cities for Financial Empowerment funded partnership program with Advantage Credit Counseling Service, the City of Pittsburgh, and Neighborhood Allies. Below is the final design (PDF & PNG) that was printed for distribution and shared on social media.

Khūrākī: A Celebration of Afghanistan in Pittsburgh

Real/Time Interventions hosted a series of events titled “Khūrākī” to engage Pittsburgh residents with the culture, stories, and food of our Afghan neighbors that have arrived in the last few years. I was asked to create the social media graphics and print materials.

I created 2 options for graphics, and the creator Molly Rice chose to use one for Part 1 of the series and the other graphic for Part 2 of the series. I used Adobe Capture to create the first background pattern (red) and recolored it using Procreate and the photo editor in Over. The second background (yellow) was a creative commons pattern that I recolored using Procreate.

Postcards in PDF and JPG form:

Programs in PDF and JPG form:

World Refugee Day 2019

As part of the planning team for WRD 2019, my role was graphics and marketing materials. I recreated and updated the logo from the previous year, and I created posters in multiple languages, as well as graphics for social media platforms. I used Procreate, Canva, and Over to create these graphics. See below for the posters, graphics, and a process video for recreating the logo. All photos used were taken by Ben Filio.

Multilingual WRD posters:

WRD social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

Process video for recreating and updating the logo in Procreate:

Imagine Conference Blog

For the 2018 Imagine Conference, I am helping to manage the blog, including reaching out to writers and community leaders; scheduling, editing, and formatting posts; and writing. I took over this task in March of 2018.

Imagine Conference Blog:

image (1)


World Refugee Day Pittsburgh 2018

Posters and social media graphics designed for NAMS, which was the lead organization for 2018’s World Refugee Day celebration in Pittsburgh. All designs shown are mine. Logo with font by Cait Fenello. Photos by Ben Filio.

World Refugee Day Pittsburgh 2018 print materials:

Social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram/Facebook stories: