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I remember reading a story in a brochure from a social justice organization about a girl that was rescued from trafficking and living in freedom because of the work that organization was doing in her country. It was inspiring, emotional, and ended with a call to action. I knew immediately that I wanted to be the one telling those stories.

Several years later, I’ve had many opportunities to do just that, and I’ve seen the power that storytelling and messaging can have for nonprofits and social organizations. As someone who loves research, design, and social interaction, nonprofit marketing and communications is an area where all three of those elements must come together to create a consistent brand, identity, and message for an organization.

In addition to my bachelor’s degree in Informational Writing and my master’s in International Development, I’ve also picked up skills working with various programs such as Adobe CS, Canva, Mailchimp, and WordPress. I’ve also learned how to use and interpret analytics tools to understand the effectiveness of campaigns. I know the most cost-effective ways to create beautiful graphics and communicate a nonprofit’s story. I’m also experienced with programs that can help organizations collaborate and share important information, such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, and Slack. 

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