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For this site, I wrote all of the foundation content found on each of the tabs at the top relating to refugee rights careers, degrees, internships, and more. I also wrote a few articles for this site, which can be found here:

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I wrote blog posts regularly for, a website for Christian women of all ages to encourage them and create a community space to discuss relevant topics.

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I also created Instagram Story graphics to go along with each writer’s post and to engage Instagram followers.

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Research Paper: Art & Women’s Rights in Eastern Europe

FEMEN & Pussy Riot: How feminist groups are using media and music to fight patriarchy and traditional gender roles in Russia & Ukraine

Dual language research project: English & Russian. Submitted for Music, Arts, and Conflict course and as the Capstone project for Eastern European Studies Certificate.

Article: Op-Ed on Human Trafficking in the US

Opinion: Our Culture Allows Human Trafficking to Thrive

Written for Human Trafficking Capstone course; Submitted to The Washington Post for consideration.